# API: Add account cancellation

# addAccountCancellation

Create new cancellation request

# Required parameters

Parameter Description
id Account ID
type Cancellation type, one of: Admin submitted, Immediate or End of billing period
reason Either id of cancellation reason or other to post reason in other_reason field
submission_date Submission date
submission_time Submission time

# Optional parameters

Parameter Description

# Request

GET /admin/api.php?api_id=API_ID&api_key=API_KEY&call=addAccountCancellation&id=ID&type=TYPE&reason=REASON&submission_date=SUBMISSION_DATE&submission_time=SUBMISSION_TIME

# PHP Samples

# Response

    "success": true,
    "call": "addAccountCancellation",
    "server_time": 1684237266,
    "info": [
        "Cancelation request submitted"
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