# API: Add Addon to Account

# addAddonToAccount

Add an addon to existing account.

# Required parameters

Parameter Description
account_id Account ID
addon_id ID of addon from hb_addons table to add

# Optional parameters

Parameter Description
invoice Set to "true" if invoice for adding this addon should be generated
cycle Billing cycle for addon, allowed values: 'm','q','s','a','b','t','d','w','h' or 'Free' or 'Once' where m-monthly, q-quarterly etc.
payment_module If you choose to generate invoice, you can provide ID of payment gateway to use

# Request

GET /admin/api.php?api_id=API_ID&api_key=API_KEY&call=addAddonToAccount&account_id=ACCOUNT_ID&addon_id=ADDON_ID

# PHP Samples

# Response

    "success": true,
    "newaddon": true,
    "call": "addAddonToAccount",
    "server_time": 1366103631,
    "info": [
        "Addon added"
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