# API: Add note

# addAdminNote

Creates a new note.

# Required parameters

Parameter Description
item_id Item id
item_type Item type, possible values: account, admin, client, domain, draft, estimate, invoice, order, rackitem
note Note text

# Optional parameters

Parameter Description
flags Set to 2 to make note viewable by customer (if its assigned to account/domain)

# Request

GET /admin/api.php?api_id=API_ID&api_key=API_KEY&call=addAdminNote&item_id=ITEM_ID&item_type=ITEM_TYPE&note=NOTE

# PHP Samples

# Response

    "success": true,
    "note_id": "10",
    "call": "addAdminNote",
    "server_time": 1534506317
Last Updated: 5/12/2023, 3:22:14 PM